If I had the means

I am not an ambitious person. I have no ambition but one and that is to be a good person. I don’t strive to be anything but that. Is this what I have taken from Taoism and Buddhism? That I can’t answer yet. But I have many dreams. Would those count as ambitions? If they do then a man with many ambitions has none. There are many things I would do if I had the means. This is where my lack of ambition comes into play. If I had the ambition, I would have done these things already, but these are things I would like to try just once to maybe see if I enjoy them or not. I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to do these things. They are not who I am or what I am about. Perhaps what I dream to do requires too much ambition to achieve.

If I had the means, I would make chocolate. I would make wine. I would make coffee. I would make ice cream. One hundred percent natural. I don’t just mean make, but actually learn about the process involved and perfect it in my own way to make smething that I believe is the perfect chocolate, the perfect wine, the perfect ice cream, the perfect coffee. And I don’t mean the single perfect chocolate or the single perfect wine or the single perfect ice cream. I mean something that just feels one hundred percent right, something that does not need to have anything added to it to be complete because it is already complete. I don’t be objectively perfect either, as people are different, but perfect in the sense of maximum satisfaction for the maximum amount of people, but altogether each indivual perfection is one perfection for everyone such that there is at least one perfect for everyone, for those who like coffee, chocolate, ice cream, and wine anyway. Why would I want to be the perfect coffee, ice cream, chocolate, and wine maker? I find it interesting the little intricacies involved in processes in making these which largely include temperature and other ambient conditions as well as the quality of the incoming ingredients as well as the quality of the production of the organic ingredient used to make the product. This means the ambient condition of the coffee beans, the grapes, the cacao beans, the milk in the cows and how they affect the quality of the product. I wouldn’t just research this about this but actually experiment with this myself. I wouldn’t buy the ingredients but buy the means to produce the natural ingredients myself. If I had the means, I would completely grown my own coffee, my own cacao, my own grapes, my own vanilla, raise my own cows. If I had the means, I would do this, and perhaps create the perfect chocolate coffee wine ice cream using my ingredients and call it ‘Chocoffee Wine Ice’ if possible. If not, I’d just call it ‘Snazzy Jazz Ice Cream’ for the heck of it.

500 words? Perhaps I set too high of a goal, or perhaps I find myself unable to continue after I feel I have finished.

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