Day One

So today is the first day, of the new year and of the Million Word Idea. I’m not sure what I hope to get out of it other than a million word in three hundred and sixty-six days. Is sixty-six one or two words? Is it cheating that I break convention to write out a number? Does it matter? Not really. I’ll probably write more than a million words, at least more than enough to cover any of the excepts to what counts as a word. Is a contraction one or two? What about he’dn’t’ve? Does that even count as a word? Or does it count as four different words? I wonder if I can contract “I’ll haven’t” to “I’ll’ven’t” and call it illvent. Ivent found a use for illvent though.

That brings up the question of whether or not made-up words count as words. I’d say yes, but then again, it might not matter. Might being the operative word since I enjoy using words that are made-up, completely or just a mash of other words joined together in a makeshift portmanteau, an ad hoc word. Botancork is one of those words. It has a somewhat broad but specific meaning, one of those things that I haven’t found a word for but botancork seems to fill that niche nicely.

Paragraphs are completely arbitrary and may or may not signify a change in thought, something I am predisposed to doing, often times mid-thought. Are some hyphenated words actually two words or do they count as one? What does the WordPress software say? What does Microsoft Word say? Should I just make a guestimate as the the number of words I have written? With x amount of words per line and y amount of lines, would that be approximately 300 words? Does guestimate have one ‘s’ or two? I think it looks better with one, kind of like a question. Perhaps ‘guestion’ should be a word. It’ll be a guess phrased as a question, a guestion. I guess that could be a legitimate word? Maybe? Or a more specific definition could be that an answer phrase in the form of a question when one is unsure of the answer and/or does not want to commit to the answer that they have given. ‘Guestion’ is a more legitimate word than ‘ivent’ and ‘illvent’, which are just informal? ungrammatical? contractions that have been stripped of their apostrophes. Then again, botancork is a contraction too.

Words are weird. In English anyway. And not just American English, but I won’t go into teh other Englishes because I don’t know them too well. There’s the British English, American English, Canadian English, Australian English, New Zealand English, and all the other Englishes I don’t even know exist and all the little dialects of those dialects of English. Are there more dialects than accents? I wonder.
Hmm. I wonder if that counts as a word too? Are ‘um’, ‘er’, and ‘uh’ words too? What about fillers like like? Like is like a word if like it serves like no purpose to like the understanding of the sentence? Like if it brings no unique understanding to the setnence? Are redundantly sentences technically cheating word count? These guestions and more will never be answered simply because no one who would bother answering them would realize that the word count doesn’t matter, but it is a slightly interesting thinker. Then again, what constitutes as a unique understanding? What am I even talking about? Does ‘then again’ add something? Is it just two words for, ‘but’, ‘yet’, and ‘however’? Does that mean it counts as one word or does a specific word choice guarantee that it counts as unique words? Should there then be a word-idea unit count (is there a word for that? I think I mean to say morpheme, but since I’m writing this as it comes, I’m not going to bother looking it up in a dictionary. I’ll probably get sidetracked.) instead of just a a simple word count? Can this actually be reduced to a count of the simplest semantic ideas?

I wonder if parenthetical comments should count towards the overal goal. They are parenthetical and could, in essence (or should I say essentially?), be removed without altering the meaning of the surrounding content too much. Then what of the unnecessary clauses I put in between commas? Should I count those as unnecessary? Well, I hope this is the only time I’d ever uses these so generously. I don’t plan on using as generously, or even sparingly in the future. This is probably a terrible start to a million words in a year, and this is a leap year too!

Typing this in Notepad and not a word processor with spellcheck, I wonder how many misspelled words I have. Hopefully less than one per paragraph. Do misspelled words count as words? They most definitely should. It is not likely that a word could be so mangled that it becomes more than one word.

800 words. Not a great start.

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